Who is The Family Behive?

The Family Behive is a husband and wife team consisting of Brittiny and Efren.

Efren had started this company in 2017 and it was nothing like it is today, but he was the one with the dream for what it could become today. He believed that we were destined for something more then the usually 9-5. He worked his ass off working 12 hours shifts 5 days a week to support his kids, his stay at home wife, and still be able to put every extra penny into this business just to keep it afloat. It hasn't always been easy but its always been worth it for the idea that this would be more than just a company, it would be our legacy.

Brittiny decided she wanted to start making empowering shirts for moms and has grown the brand into something beautiful, something even better then money - a community for all different types of moms. She has met so many cool and different moms off Instagram and through this website and has made so many great memories because of this. She has grown so much in her personal life just by connecting and creating that her buisness life has grown now too. She is finally getting the attention thier brand has always craved and it is so inspiring knowing that friendship and love are at the root of this buisness.


If you ever feel inspired to contact us please send an email at thebehivefamily@gmail.com or a DM on Instagram


From the bottom of our hearts The Family Behive thanks you.

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