To all my fellow people who are struggling all the time, occasionally, or just feel a little sad sometimes. This is for you guys. I know how it feels to be down or get in a funk. We all go through it whether we like to admit it or not. So here's a checklist and maybe just maybe I can make your day a little bit better!

Did you sleep in this morning?
That's okay, I'm sure you did unless you had to get up early for work. So here's what to do now; pick up your phone, go to your clock app and set an alarm. Maybe its 30 minutes before you usually wake up maybe it's an hour before you usually wake up. I know it will suck waking up but it might help your mental state just enough to keep you going!

Did you eat breakfast?
Or if your intermediate fasting did you eat your lunch? Either way, the best thing to do is wake up and eat something healthy and good for you. You might not like it at the time but halfway through the day when you have a little bit more energy than usual, you can thank me!

Did you take your vitamins?
If you take vitamins or pills whatever you need you should take them right when you wake up. That's one task for the day you already accomplished and you might just feel a little better knowing you're off to a good start.

Have you drunk your water?
This one is pretty dumb I know, but a lot of the times when I feel bad or down I remember that drinking water is scientifically proven to be good for you. Hey if it's good for you that means your working on yourself and that is a great thing to do. Keep on going.
Have you made a To-Do list?
This one is not for everybody, but I love getting things done. Some days are just a lot harder than other days. Take time out of your day to make To-Do lists. Whether they are big tasks like writing your essay or cleaning the house. Even if you're not feeling the greatest and your To-Dos are taking a shower or taking the dogs out. You accomplish little things every day, you are capable of a lot whether you know it or not.

All in all, I'm not a scientist or a doctor, I can't prescribe you happy pills but I can try to remind with the help of these simple steps. Stepping stones are the road to recovery. You will be happy again, you just have to keep living.

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