First things first, EVERY relationship requires work and effort. Whether it be your mother or a spouse. It's a responsibility people neglect most I feel like. I'm not saying baby them or give them what they want, I'm saying listen and be able to be there for them when they need or don't need it. Relationships are work but if that work is bringing you out then it's one-sided and that's a no-no. 


This is personally a tough one. Forgiving others mistakes is hard especially after you've told them in confidence what hurts you the most. Forgiving is a very thin line of what is a mistake and what is done on purpose. Being able to forgive is hard, but moving past is detrimental to your mental health. Remember the consequence of that mistake is up to you but always forgive Surround yourself with people that respect that line or understand what that line is. 


Being able to understand each other's boundaries will need your time and effort. Listen and remember the things told to you. This is a big part and could possibly throw a wrench in your relationship. Without communication, you can be left not comprehending or just guessing what boundaries were crossed. Every person is different and it's not easy to communicate correctly.
A relationship is a lot of work. Marriage, family, and friendship are important to your mental health. NO relationship is easy and it's ok to ask for help. 

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