Yesterday I was 5 years old playing in my grandparent's backyard, running around the pool while my grandpa sat in that white lawn chair in his blue swim trunks watching his granddaughters laugh and play together. We climbed on his lap just to give him wet hugs, he had the biggest smile, he was a very proud grandpa. It was a good day.
Yesterday I was 7 years old and received my first bike for my birthday. My dad propped me up on my bike next to my grandpa's big red Jeep. My grandpa glowed as he promised me that one day that would be my car (my poor sister).
Yesterday I was 13 years old and a moody preteen, it was Christmas and my grandpa had made his FAMOUS meatballs. I had never tried them but he finally convinced me... and surprise, I loved them. He was a great cook.
Yesterday I was 16 years old and my grandparents went out of town to Arizona. I just got my permit so my dad drove home the Jeep and told me it was finally mine! When my grandma found out she was so mad, my grandpa didn't say anything because "happy wife - happy life". I knew he was excited that day finally came.
Yesterday I was 20 years old and I took my boyfriend to the rehab center my grandpa was at. I knew it was a goal of his to greet one of my boyfriends holding a rifle. Since he wasn't allowed guns in there I printed out a picture of a rifle and he greeted Efren. Grandpa thought it was so funny he actually got to do it, and surprisingly that boyfriend stuck around.
Yesterday I was 21 years old and 8 months pregnant. My son was kicking up a storm, grandpa finally got to put his hand on my belly and feel him kick. His eyes lit up and his face glowed as he realized his family was growing.
Yesterday I was visiting my grandparents and my grandpa wasn't looking too good. I knew in my gut it was his last day on earth. He perked up when he saw Quincy, he tried moving his hands quickly out of the blanket to hold him. He was so proud of him already and he is only 1 year old. We then ordered pizza and enjoyed ourselves and our moments with grandpa. When it was time to go, I didn't want to leave, I said my goodbyes anyway. They weren't anything great or special but grandpa was looking right at me and smiling. I told him how much Quincy and I loved him, and how I was going to be around he nodded as I said that. I think he wanted to hear that I was going to be around for everyone when he was gone. Especially for the people that relied on him the most.
Tomorrow I go on realizing that he will miss Quincy`s first baseball game, my wedding, meeting my other children, Autumn graduating, Autumn's first baby (he already picked out a name Anne-Belle), and so much more. Tomorrow is going to be hard, but at least I had yesterday.

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